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fish oil supplement pregnancy

b015 fish oil supplement pregnancy

Learn About Fish Oil Consumption During Pregnancy More information here: Researches have been carried on for finding affects of fish oil during pregnancy. Those mothers who are taking fish oil during pregnancy showed good sign but the research continues and is under observation. Check our site for more information!
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Question by SunnySchmidt: Are fish oil supplements safe during pregnancy?
I asked for a prescription of prenatal vitamins with DHA from my OB and they gave me a combo pack of prenatal vitamins with separate fish oil pills. The oil is derived from tuna. I'm worried about the pollutants and possible mercury levels and how they can affect the baby, but I'm also thinking they wouldn't give you something that potentially hurt the baby.How safe are fish oil pills during pregnancy? Do the risks outweigh the benefits?

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Answer by Javae D
Fish oil omega 3 is safe during pregnancy it will not harm the baby it actually will help the baby if anything

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