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To have a healthy body, most experts advise that an average person should have a meal of oily fish such as Tuna and salmon at least two times every week. This is because oily fish are the world's best known source for the essential fatty acids known as omega 3 fatty acids. However to have a meal of oily fish twice a week every week of your life is not only monotonous but also quite expensive. This is why alternatives have been made available such as fish oil tablets. When taken correctly, these fish oil tablets should provide the same amount of omega 3 as the oily fish in a much easier way.

Fish oil tablets are made by synthesizing the directly from the oil of cold water oily fish. The added advantage is that the fish oil tablets are made from fish oils but the fish oil tablets also contain a variety of other helpful substances that are added onto them. This means that when you take fish oil tablets you will be giving your body all the required dosage of omega 3 and also a variety of other useful additives. A good example is xtend life omega 3 fish oil tablets. These tablets are made from fish oil but also contain in them useful additives such as Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that is famously found in krill oil. The xtend life omega 3 fish oil tablets give more of this substance in a single day than krill oil.

Why is it important to consume fish oil tablets? Fish oil tablets are rich in omega 3 which is an essential part that is required in our diets. Omega 3 has quite a wide variety of health promoting factors such the lowering of cardiovascular problems and also strokes. Both these conditions are frequent killers especially in western countries. Omega 3 always helps in the treatment of mood disorder particularly anxiety and depression. Infants who have also been provided with omega 3 in their diets have exhibited an improved immunological function.

Off late there has been a new use of fish oil tablets. This is in anti-aging treatments. Omega 3 helps in the promotion of skin and hair growth and thus people have been abandoning the more conventional cosmetic treatments for fish oil tablets. Xtend life omega 3 is one of the supplements that have been engineered towards this particular goal and has been widely successful in many trials. The added benefits of using fish oil tablets such as a better health system and stronger bones ensure that the individuals will not only look more youthful but also feel as if they were years younger. This better health is also essential in achieving a longer life.

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